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Hi! I'm Lauren behind The Jeeper Mom-Welcome!

The first time I realized that 'normal' life was not in the cards for my son, was heartbreaking. Diet restrictions, allergies, sensitivities, multiple allergist appointments, and second opinions? What do I do?! What foods can he eat now? How am I going to say he can't eat that or this because he is sensitive to it? How do you explain this to a 3-year-old?
All these answers eluded me.

Then I saw something about how to change the way we live without additives. 
I noted a testimonial about something that changed their own life with just a simple daily routine. So I invested (as I hear much say) into my son's future?? Okay, nothing to lose at this point.

Well, I didn’t believe there was something that could help me help my son. Maybe others but not my sons?? My life now: I have an extra side income, my outlook for the future of my son's' new' life with diet restrictions-that anxiety has decreased tremendously & I am excited to share an outlook of positivity for the future of my family! It's truly freeing

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